Tender Process

In October / November of each year approved LPG and Naphtha General Terms & Conditions are hosted on the Company’s website and pre-qualified customers are invited to participate in a sealed tender process for a term of one year commencing January 1st. LPG Buyers are obliged to lift produced quantities taking into consideration production and storage capacity to avoid tank tops. 315,000 MTs of LPG and 330,000 MTs of Naphtha are produced annually. Naphtha is sold in evenly distributed lots of 13-14 cargoes of 25,000 MTs and 50,000 MTs lot size upon request.

Sales and Marketing Strengths

Over the years, our high-grade products have been especially chosen by various companies around the globe, and are being sold to countries such as Japan, India, Indonesia, and others.

With a track record of our products being consistently on-spec for over 40 years, our customers are highly satisfied with the quality of our end product.

Production Values

CGP I, II and III Daily Production Values in Barrels Per Day (BPD)

Product Specifications

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NaphthaView Specifications
For more details please download our product specifications.

Tendering Transparency

Transparent and fair tendering process that guarantees customers fair and equal opportunities.

Laycan days

A 3 days laycan for both LPG and Naphtha that gives customers more flexibility in scheduling their charters.


Continued accreditation to ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2004.


Port Flexibility / Offering Small Parcels for LPG.

Product Quality

High grades of pure LPG and high paraffinic Light Naphtha received from associated gas rather than refinery. Track record of 40 years without any off spec products.

Vessel Size

Sitra Port can accommodate small vessels as well as Medium to Very Large Gas Carriers providing customers the flexibility to lift varying cargo sizes, with up to 50,000 MT for Naphtha, and 44,000 MT for LPG.

Co Loading with Bapco

Naphtha lot sizes allow for co-loading with other cargoes, mainly with Bapco, allowing buyers to utilize LR2 vessels therefore avoiding dead freight.


Banagas is obligated to comply with the requirements Laws and Executive Regulations, regulating the VAT and its application in the Kingdom.

Accordingly, the 1st of January 2019 and onwards, all products and services supplied by Banagas shall have VAT applied upon them at the applicable rate.