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Customers are required to prequalify prior to submitting a tender application. To become a customer please complete the prequalification application below.

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Basic Information

December 2023
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Major Shareholders

Please list the major shareholders in your company.

Naphtha/LPG Trading Activity

Please add at least one recent trade you have completed.

Trade References

Please list industry references willing to provide a commercial reference letter.

Bank References

Please list any banks willing to provide a reference letter.

Other Information

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Supporting Documents

Please attach the following supporting documents:

  • Latest 3 Audited Financial Statements Reported under US GAAP/IFRS.

  • Latest Annual Report.

  • Reference Letters From Banks Including L/C Acceptance / Maximum Credit Provided.

  • Credit Rating Agencies Report on Your Company.

Supporting documents are only accepted in PDF, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel formats and must be under 4MB.

Financial Statement
Annual Report
Bank Reference
Credit Rating