The Key to Success

At Banagas, it is strongly believed that training and development is the key to personal efficiency and productivity and the company continues to reinforce and improve it's activities in this field by supporting the individuals make it so distinguished among it's peers.


The Banagas Scholarship Programs provides the best and brightest petroleum and gas technology students everything they need to excel at their respective courses and ensures that the best among them assume full responsibility for different positions in the field of operations.

Life Long Learners

Banagas is a company comprised of lifelong learners. In addition to key techinical and professional qualifications Banagas invests in it's employees by utilizing world class instructors to deliver workshops that enhance and empower employees by stengthening their compentencies in key soft skill areas such as effective leadership, effective time management, effective communication, public speaking, customer service, strategy and planning & organization.

Social Activities at Banagas

The Banagas company calendar is rich with events and activities that bridge the gap between our employees, their families and our community that together comprise the Banagas Family.