Banagas participates in the Vocational Training Program for companies "Empower"

Under the patronage of Mr. Mark Thomas, Group CEO of the Oil and Gas Holding Company and in the presence of the CEOs of the subsidiaries, the Oil and Gas Holding Company and its subsidiaries held a special celebration at Bapco Club in Awali on August 24, 2022, to honor the summer training students within the “Empower” program that granted students Undergraduates have the opportunity to gain valuable practical and professional experience with the Oil and Gas Holding Company and a number of companies affiliated to its portfolio, including: Banagas, Bapco, Bafco, ASRY, Tatweer Petroleum and GPIC. During the ceremony, 14 trainees from Banagas were honored among the participants in this program and who completed their training period in the company over the months of July and August.



Commenting on this program, Mark Thomas, Group CEO of the Oil and Gas Holding Company, said: “His Highness Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, representative of His Majesty the King for Humanitarian Affairs and Youth Affairs, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Oil and Gas Holding Company, has always been the biggest supporter of youth empowerment, as it is concerned with His vision is to put youth energies at the forefront of economic development.



We in the group are committed to achieving this vision by offering training and development opportunities such as: "Empower" program as one of the basic elements of our operations. We are proud of all students, and we look forward to their entry into the labor market and their future achievements. “Over the months of July and August, 200 university students were trained in line with the Group's commitment to investing in the Kingdom's future by training elite future leaders and developing their professional and technical skills.